Real pressure is hitting US in trade war with China

US manufacturers are influenced by the rise in imported products. Since the start of the year, the price of steel has increased by 33%, that of aluminum by 11% which is a disaster for US. We must not ignore the rule of EU in this war that has recently sided with US not secretly!

California almonds are knockout in turn by China by the commercial war unleashed by US president. Victims of the 50% taxes duties imposed by the Chinese gov. Beijing is conducting a serious war: it has closed a “hole” in its rules that until now allowed imports of almonds via Vietnam via semi-legal privileges and now supplies itself in Australia or Africa. Consequently, Americans who are by far the largest producers in the world suffer a price drop of 10%, unable to sell their production.

According to the Wall Street Journal, California cherries and Florida lemons now hurt delays before being cleared in Chinese ports. As for Ford vehicles, it would be a question of dismantling them to inspect their components in Tianjin, the port of Beijing.

The trade war is hitting American exporters, mainly agriculturalists, who are victims of foreign retaliation. But also producers, affected by the surge in imported crops they need to supply their local market, starting with steel and aluminum. Since the beginning of the year, the prices of these vital materials have risen by one third and 11% separately.


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