China Plans might not fit US in trade war: Dragon on fire

Trade war between EU, US, and china is very similar to Stars War – not star wars. US has no more fear about the consequences of a powerful or even weak China, therefore it utilizes every means to weaken Cina’s economy in a trade war. Who knows? May be the sanctions are also awaiting china in near future. But already, it hasn’t give any excuse for it! Another fact is that silent countries on trade war, with good potential of such confrontation – such as Japan – are taking sides in a hidden dimension of this war. We think Japan is trying weaken China with the help of US. South Korea is also an alternative as US recently tried to settle tensions in Korean peninsula. this proves the existence of the dark sides of this CLEAR trade war. China has been denounced U.S. trade war, while the United States has imposed a prohibitive tariff on $ 34 billion of Chinese products.

The United States and China entered the Trade Bulletin on Friday, July 6, which issued a “necessary response” despite alarm warnings and market nervousness. The new US tariffs came into effect at night, as announced by President Donald Trump. This 25% tax on Chinese imports of $ 34 billion will affect 818 products, including automobiles, aircraft components or computer hard drives, while sparing popular goods such as cell phones and televisions.

Beijing immediately with the announcement to be forced to a “necessary Necessary”. “The United States has broken the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and launched the biggest trade in economic history,” the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement. “China has not promised to fire first, but to defend the fundamental interests of the country and its people, it is a necessary response,” said the Chinese Ministry.

Washington has not been approved by the United States. Chinese taxes are expected to affect agricultural products, such as soybeans, which rely heavily on the Chinese market, the automotive sector and the search for seafood such as lobster.

New threats
“China will not give in to threat or blackmail,” Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said Thursday. Overall, US $ 50 billion of Chinese imports will be affected by theft of intellectual property and technology by the Trump government.

The second round of Chinese import tax of more than $ 16 billion currently under review by Robert Lighthizer will soon come into effect, said Donald Trump, calling it “in two weeks”.

Donald Trump asked Robert Lighthizer “to identify Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion for additional taxes of 10%”. And the US president said he was willing to pay $ 200 billion worth of additional goods “if China raises its tariffs again.” These measures could therefore bring to 450 billion the value of Chinese taxable products (505.6 billion dollars in 2017).

Experts have been warned for a few months of potential damage to the US economy but also to the global economy. US companies have already indicated that they are “the reduction or postponement of investment projects due to the uncertainty of trade policy,” he said. Thursday, the US Federal Reserve in the minutes of its last meeting in June.

In an analysis called “The Wrong Approach,” the US Chamber of Commerce estimated “about $ 75 billion” in US exports, which were retaliatory actions by its US trading partners. In the 2016 presidential election, who are in favor of Donald Trump.

However, these warnings leave the US president, who sweeps the arguments Tuesday in a tweet again. “The economy is probably better than the past before solving the problem of unfair trade agreements with each country,” he said. “A majority of them agree that they have to change, but nobody has ever asked for it,” he added. The day before, US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said: “The forecast of the future slowdown in US economic growth is premature and probably inaccurate.”