Jungle-like behavior by Amazon once again rises criticism: Workers enslaved and exploited for black money

The US firm is this time accused of exploiting workers at one of its warehouses in Scotland, forced to sleep in tents to save money. A previous survey evoked the fate of the deliverymen, forced, them, to make their needs in their trucks to keep the pace.


This is an advertising campaign that Amazon would have done well in full Christmas rush. The American giant of e-commerce is again implicated by the British press which denounces the conditions of work in its warehouses. In an article quoted by the GuardianThe Courrier claims that some employees at the Scottish warehouse Dunfermline are forced to camp in the woods to save part of their low wages.

According to these newspapers, several tents would be located around the Amazon site. Inside, employees who live in surrounding cities but can not afford to take the bus made available by Amazon to get to their place of work. And for good reason: this bus is paying. “Amazon should be ashamed to pay so little their employees that they are forced to camp in the winter cold to make ends meet,” criticism in the columns of the Courier Willie Rennie MP denouncing for years the working conditions at Amazon.


Sunday Times investigation cites the pressure experienced by seasonal workers in the warehouse, with sanctions for sick leave or the ability to walk 16 kilometers per day in the warehouse without finding a water point in a state of repair. walking. Critics rejected by Amazon’s management. “One of the reasons we are able to recruit so many people is that we offer good jobs and a positive work environment with opportunities for change,” the company told The Guardian .